Quarry City 2017

Fact and Figures


The 62 page ordinance 

Plan included:

-235 New residential dwellings  

73 Townhouses 

47 Single Family Dwellings 

80 Apartments  

35 Affordable Apartments 

- Hotel with up to 250 rooms  

- 60,000 SQF Retail 

- 140,000 SQF Commercial  

to Bernards Township?

 Township Committee’s current statement can be found at www.bernards.org or here.   

There has been lack of openness around this plan and it is being rushed to approval.


  • Contaminated Soil on 45 acres. 
  • Traffic on Stonehouse and Lyons is an existing problem. 
  • No traffic study has been done. 
  • The impact of 235 new housing units, commercial & retail space, 2 restaurants, hotel and a grocery market will be heavy.  
  • The township committee needs to provide details on the proposed housing including elevations, specifications and proposed price points. 
  • Millington is currently redeveloping the warehouse district behind the train station, which will include more commercial space and housing.

Contamination has not been remediated & publicly documented to the satisfaction of the citizens.

 The township committee needs to provide the Environmental Impact Study:  

  • Pollution Study 
  • Traffic Study 
  • Environmental Sensitive Land 
  • Wetlands (Endangered Species)
  • Storm Water Management 
  • Contamination of Soil/Water-Remediation Plan 
  • Lake Construction Plan 
  • Safety of the Cliff 

There are conflicts of interest.

 Sorge, a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP), has been licensed by the DEP. He works for MQI  to monitor the site and his findings are accepted by the town. 

Lack of transparency from our Township Committee


  • The township committee should provide citizens with information about receiving funds for the transit village, low-income housing
  • The new, large scale redevelopment plan and rezoning ordinance were initiated with no public input, rather discussed during “closed sessions” or by committees with no private citizens as members.