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Why STQP Supporters signed:


Lisa W.

This proposal is way too much development for the center of our beautiful town! We all moved here for the peaceful, rural nature of the town...this could add thousands of cars to the neighborhood streets around the quarry, along with light and sound pollution...creating multi-land roads with traffic lights at every corner...making our schools more crowded too. The additional retail would also be damaging to our charming downtown, where stores already have a hard time staying afloat. Opening the door to this kind of high-density development would change our beautiful town for ever.

Laurie A.

I'm concerned about why our TC is rushing to push this zoning & mini city through without addressing the contamination first. Contamination is my biggest fear. It doesn't seem like anyone has thought about 50 years from now what toxins will eminate from this sight & possibly harm humans & animals. Not to mention the Passaic River. The expert said openly when asked that this wasn't his area of expertise. I'm also concerned about traffic & schools both are a huge issue today.


 Bernards Resident

When and where can we as Bernard’s Township Residents expect elected TC officials to responsibly act in the best interest of the public they represent? This deal is not only shady but raises all types of concerns legally, politically, financially and integrally. What legal entity within the municipality, county or state is going to finally step up, recognize the issue and put an end to it so that a new process for re-development of the land can be fully vetted - once the contamination has been addressed successfully.


Jim V.

This whole development is bad for our town! The TC is not looking at the bigger picture. We don’t need a hotel! We don’t need more office space! We don’t need boutique shops! We don’t need an influx of 600-800 students in conjunction with the proposed Dewey Meadow development. Why can't the TC focus on promoting our township businesses, filling our unused office space, and filling our hotels? The TC needs to wake up and listen to its residents 


Michelle H.

The 180 tract of land is the LAST undeveloped land in Bernards Township.  Why are we not protecting it? Why is the Township Committee not asking the county to purchase it as open space? Once we lose this space to over development, it is gone for ever.

Bob Z.

I believe that the contamination issue is being disregarded by the TC and trusting the Quarry to be truthful is a very naive approach. With 3 million square yards of questionable fill delivered to the quarry with only a sight and smell test for each truckload, the TC and the town need to be sure that any development only move forward after the entire quarry has been remediated and approved by the state environmental agency.

What are your concerns?