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Town Hall meeting with Assemblyman Jon Bramnick

Friends of Stop the Quarry Plan (STQP), Assembly Leader Jon Bramnick, and Bernards Township are pleased to announce a town hall Meeting to be held Monday, May 14, 2018 at 7 PM in the Bernards Township Municipal Building, Warren Craft Meeting Room, 1 Collyer Lane Basking Ridge, New Jersey

After the recent discussions regarding affordable housing and citizen concerns related to over-development in Bernards Township, many members of STQP reached out to Assemblyman Bramnick requesting a town hall meeting. The Assemblyman generously offered to attend and work with Friends of STQP to coordinate the event for all Bernards Township Residents.

STQP has asked Assemblyman Bramnick to discuss and field questions on the affordable housing issue, COAH legislation that is currently before the state legislature (a bill of which the Assemblyman is one of the sponsors - https://legiscan.com/NJ/bill/A1645/2018) and other pressing and topical concerns in Bernards Township such as school safety, mental health, and the opioid epidemic. 

A STQP representative stated, “Our group launched an email campaign and Assemblyman Bramnick was kind enough to respond immediately to our request. He and his staff have been supportive and collaborative in coordinating this event for our community. We are thankful for his offer to attend a town hall and answer questions from the public. There are many issues, especially affordable housing, that should not only be addressed at the township level but should include an open dialog at the county and state level. The NJ State legislature establishes the laws and how they will be enforced. This presents an opportunity for Bernards Township residents to access and collaborate with our representatives in Trenton. We are grateful for this exciting opportunity to have our voices heard.”

Residents are asked to email their questions and concerns to info@stopthequarryplan.com prior to May 7th, 2018 so topics can be organized. There will also be an opportunity for open public comment and questions at the May 14th town hall.

Thank You to Bernards Township for Hosting!

Great things happen when our government and its' citizens work together.

The Quarry Plan is not dead

View Video of CIP Attorney Anne Babineau's Speech and Bernards Township Attorney John Belardo's Response.

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Welcome to quarry city 2018

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Facts and Figures

Proposed overdevelopment  on 42 Acres would contain:

  • 380 Dwellings Consisting of 300 Apartments (no idea how many bedrooms) and 80 Townhomes (no idea as to SF or beds/baths)
  • 10,000 SF Restaurant (does that include outdoor dining?)
  • 54,500 SF Retail Space
  • 10,000 SF Community Center

 Why you should be concerned:

  • Contaminated Soil on 45 acres. 
  • Traffic on Stonehouse and Lyons is an existing problem (would you like up to three additional stop lights on Stonehouse Rd., between Valley and Lyons Rd.?) 
  • Let's see a traffic study that includes not only Quarry City's impact, but the impact of the proposed Dewy Meadow  and Millington Village developments, both of which are within a one mile radius.
  • The impact of 380 new housing units (unknown SF Bed/baths), commercial & retail space,  and 1 restaurants.  
  • Why haven't we been provided details on the proposed housing including elevations, square footage,  specifications and proposed price points? 
  • Will blasting be required for building footings and foundations?
  • Will Stonehouse Rd. need to be widen, and will that require the acquisition of  property from homes on Stonehouse Rd.?
  • Where is the lake management plan including costs, liability, mosquito management, water pollution strategies, and how to limit fertilizer runoff which will form algae blooms?


Where are the Environmental Impact Studies? Including:  

  • Air Pollution Study (additional traffic)
  • Light pollution study 
  • Environmental Sensitive Land 
  • Wetlands (Endangered Species)
  • Storm Water Management 
  • Contamination of Soil/Water-Remediation Plan 
  • Lake Construction Plan 
  • Safety of the Cliff 
  • Lake Water Discharge Plan (it is a closed body of water and will need to be discharged into the Passaic River for overflow)
  • No water testing is being conducted during the lake fill period (the lake is covering contaminated soil merely capped by crushed red stone).


There is a conflict of interest.

Sorge, a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP), has been licensed by the DEP. He works for MQI  to monitor the site and his findings are accepted by the town. 

Wolf in sheep's clothing.

If Community Investment Partners (CIP)- (the developer) were true to their lawyers statement  "We would very much like to get the input and guidance on how to most be at your service to be a part of the planning process," Babineau (CIP's attorney) said. "Certainly we can conduct a public discussion as you have strongly urged us to in a very transparent way and look forward to getting insight into what is the best way of perceiving as regards to the planning process."  

Why would they be filing lawsuits against Bernards Township to overturn the revocation of the Redevelopment Zone? If they were truly interested in public input they would pursue their project through non-litigious options.


April 10th, 2018 – 8 PM Township Committe Meeting

Bernards Township Municipal Building

 Warren Craft Meeting Room 1 Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 

March 13th Township Committee Meeting:


 Read their statement and resolution against the proposed redevelopment plan. 


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goal to Stop the Quarry Plan.

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Please make checks payable to Friends of Stop the Quarry Plan, LLC and mail to: 

Friends of Stop the Quarry Plan, 5 Lyons Mall, Box 166, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


  Friends of Stop the Quarry Plan, LLC are concerned residents of Bernards Township who support no zoning change at the Millington Quarry until it is indisputably verified to be environmentally safe.  Future development plans that require zoning changes to the property should have public input, be fiscally responsible and preserve the quality of life for Bernards Township residents.  


 The public has been prematurely presented with a draft plan which is being fast tracked by the Township Committee for approval.  The proposed plan would significantly intensify traffic to an already congested area, strain the school system and place the tax implications on the backs of residents, hurt our local business and forever change the “small-town” landscape and character of Basking Ridge. 


 Funds are needed for:

· Legal Team Versed in Land Use Laws

· Experts and Consultants

· Communications and Marketing

Any funds that are collected and not used for this purpose will be donated to a local charity, The Raptor Trust.

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What can I do?


  1. Stay informed about and engaged with our local government by attending township committee meetings and reading meeting agenda and minutes
  2. Join the facebook page (Stop the Quarry Plan) or email to be added to our mailing list (info@stopthequarryplan.com)
  3. Check back, we will be adding information as it becomes available.  


Quarry rehabilitation and remediation of contaminants must happen first before redevelopment.

Remediation of contaminants must be publicly documented and done to satisfaction of town citizens

Public debate on options for use of 179 acres must take place first before any redevelopment plan

Township committee must represent the citizens of the township not the property owner or redeveloper

Redevelopment plan must reflect the will of the citizens and be consistent with Master Plan

 This proposal is NOT in any way shape or form consistent with the Master Plan. 

Start the process over again with an informed and engaged citizenry.

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