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The New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club, Raritan Valley Group offers STQP Support.

At the heart of this lawsuit is MQI’s desire to subdivide the “contaminated” and “non-contaminated” property into two lots, which cuts the lake forming on the property in half. MQI claims this is to facilitate a...

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Millington Quarry Files Lawsuit Against Bernards Township!

Why would Millington Quarry Inc. object to a Quarry Advisory Task Force (QTAF)? Why would they object to resident's participation? Does it matter what you call the group...QATF or Quarry Oversight?

On March 13, 2019, Millington Quarry I...

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BREAKING NEWS! Quarry Request to Subdivide Adjourned!

Tonight's Board of Adjustment Meeting (BOA) on the quarry subdivision application was adjourned to May 16th at 7:30pm. This will allow the Township Committee (TC) attorney, John Belardo, to file his brief arguing that the TC has jurisdiction ...

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The Quarry Advisory Task Force (QTAF) released a report on Millington Quarry Inc’s (MQI) subdivision application.

The QATF report states that the Last Approved Rehabilitation Plan (LARP), which was part of MQI’s settlement agreement approved by the Township Committee (TC) has not been completed ...

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The Bernards Twp Environmental Commission (EC) released comments on Millington Quarry Inc’s (MQI) subdivision application.

Highlights of the EC’s comments: it violates the Master Plan’s (MP) “Goals” and “Land Use Objectives” of maintaining, and protecting neighborhood and community character, an...

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Land Use Case That Can Impact the Quarry Subdivision

Next door in Bedminster Twp there is the 132-acre former Kirby Farm (located at Country Club and Meadowview roads), which in 2013 was targeted for a controversial solar energy project would be subdivided under a proposal filed last month with...

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How can one discuss the quarry and not mention the lake? Well, I will once again mention how I wish I had MQI's lawyers because lake maintenance is not mentioned in the Deed Restriction.

The Quarry lake is a closed body of water, meaning the only water added to the lake w...

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The Quarry looks gorgeous, but what exactly is in the ground?

After remediation there are still elevated levels of contaminates arsenic and dandadium, and under the cap which will be disturbed by invasive construction there are plenty; such as bezoathracene, benzofluoranthene, and bezopyrene.


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Bernards Residents Be informed

  • Owners dividing the property into "Contaminated" & "Non-Contaminated" parcels to prepare for development.
  • Toxins are present and still elevated.
  • The NJDEP requires that workers wear protective gear while excavating in remediated area to avoid human exposure.
  • Are you safe when they disturb the contamination?


  • How can half of a contaminated lake be divided? How can the NJDEP oversee half a lake?
  • Has testing been truly thorough? Has the Lake Management Plan developed in 2013 been followed?
  • If the owner of the contaminated lot declares bankruptcy, will we the tax payer be stuck with maintenance?
  • Why would the owners ask to subdivide but not provide any information on the reasons or intent? Have they earned our trust?
  • Would there be commercial properties on the site?
  • Will new access roads be requires? Where will they go?
  • Will the 2-acre zoning change?
  • What can our town's Zoning Board do to protect us from Millington Quarry Inc.?

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